The similarities are uncanny, but this Charlie is Charles Swan and not Charlie Sheen – although he is played by the notoriously wildcard actor. Sound confusing? A Glimpse Inside The Mind of Charles Swan III is a new film that focuses on a charming, immature character whose demeanor and actions aren’t too dissimilar to a certain Mr Sheen when he’s at his most, um, eccentric.

Just as well they’ve got Sheen into play the man then, for you couldn’t really pick anyone doing the role quite so well. Eerier still, the shooting for the film came just after a few months after Sheen’s now infamous meltdown and subsequent sacking from his signature show Two And A Half Men. The film has been directed by Roman Coppola – son of Godfather director Francis Ford.

"I didn't write it for him in mind” said Coppola junior, of his central character’s likeness to Sheen. Though once he finished, he realized exactly the man he had to get involved. “I was excited to write a piece about a very outlandish lead character, someone charming, immature, struggling and full of imagination” he said. “As I was finishing it, I kind of realized Charlie Sheen would be perfect. Both are larger than life. They use their wit and charm to smooth over problems in their life to not deal with things. But it's a coincidence that it's the same first name."