This just could be the most bizarre thing Charlie Sheen has ever done. While receiving treatment for an abscess at a dentist's office in Los Angeles, the 49 year-old actor suddenly flipped and allegedly pulled out a knife.

Charlie Sheen
Sheen reportedly struck a dentist and pulled a knife out on the dental assistant

Sheen is now currently under investigation for the incident, which began when he became very aggressive as the dental technician administered nitrous oxide prior to performing the procedure, according to TMZ.

The 'Anger Management' actor reportedly hit the dentist and also pulled a knife on his assistant, who was also in the room at the time. After the incident, Sheen's personal bodyguard told the dentist that he was under the influence of "rock cocaine."

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However, according to the controversial star's publicist Jeff Ballard, no knife nor illegal substances were involved in the incident and Sheen just simply had a negative reaction to the drugs been administered.

"Charlie had a shoulder injury that started back from his days playing baseball," Ballard told People magazine. "He had some issue with it and was on some meds for that and then he had an abscess in his tooth that was bothering him. He went to a dentist and was given some gas, and apparently had a bad reaction to it because of the meds he was taking for his shoulder. It was just a bad interaction [of drugs] ... There was no knife and illegal substances involved.

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" Police have not yet denied or confirmed any details of their investigation, and LAPD officer Diana Figueroa only told the New York Daily News, "There was an incident with Charlie Sheen at a dentist's office. It's under investigation. It was on Sept. 25."