Earlier this week, 16 & Pregnant star-turned-porn star Farrah Abraham was shooting her mouth off to the world, claiming that she and Charlie Sheen are becoming close and have been texting each other for some time. There's bad news for Farrah though, because as soon as she turned to the press to show off her new, budding friendship (probably with benefits), Sheen let Farrah know what he really thinks of her in lieu of her attention grabbing antics.

Farrah spilled the beans on their text exchanged to TMZ on Thursday (June 13) this week, indicating the two are in a regularly texting each other and most recently Farrah has been fishing for a part on Charlie's show Anger Management. It doesn't look like she'll be getting that part though after Charlie released an invective-filled open letter the following day (Friday 14 June), telling Farrah what he really thinks of her. "Hey, you desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua," Charlie begins, "I truly do not recall giving you permission to globally reveal any communication between us. congrats on surviving your lobotomy and an even bigger congratz on the recent attempt at porn. Your daughter must be so proud."

Sheen continues, going on to tell Farrah to get rid of his number and follow it into Hell and reminding her of just how far down she sits on the A-Z list, finishing off the exchange with; "oh and I'm sure they'll wave the cover charge when they see your tranny-boobs and five o'clock shadow."

So yeah, the moral of the story here is don't mess with Charlie Sheen, or rather, don't start texting him and then tell the whole world, because he wont be happy. Still, at least Farrah is a millionaire now (we hope she still is, for her kid's sake) and she can take solace in that, plus she will probably find another potential celebrity boy-toy out there at some point, at least until she tells the whole world about it again.

Farrah Abraham Exxxotica
Farrah probably wont be hearing from Charlie again

Charlie Sheen Scary Movie 5
Sheen let Farrah know just what he thinks of her