Charlie Sheen is no stranger to intoxication, but unlike the vast majority of people, dude can handle his drink, apparently. Or at least remain nice and pleasant while drunk, as a new video, which surfaced online yesterday, will attest. The video shows Sheen taking part in ye old post-drinking tradition – the Taco Bell run. He appears to be walking between cars in the drive-through line, as you do, when he gets stopped by the young man and woman, who filmed the whole thing.

Watch the video below and have your faith in drunk people restored.

The guy tells Sheen that he’s a big fan, to which the Anger Management star responds: “Sorry, I’m so… hammered.” Well, at least nobody can ever say that Charlie Sheen lacks self-awareness.

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Despite his state, though, Sheen was really nice to the fans, there were fistbumps and photo ops and the actor even showed the pair of fans his chest tattoos, apparently. The video shows him calling the driver “hilarious” and referring to the woman as “sweetie” and just generally being very cheerful, if a bit all over the place. That's about it, as he then gets picked up by a member of his entourage. A tip for anyone, wanting a photo with Charlie Sheen – try catching him intoxicated. No, don’t do that, that would be very intrusive. But hey, at least now anyone in LA can live with the hope of having Sheen appear in their Taco Bell drive-through line in the middle of the night.

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Charlie Sheen
Way to go, Mr. Sheen. A+ for fan treatment.