Reports of a recent bizarre incident involving Charlie Sheen, a knife and a dentist’s chair would appear to have been blown out of proportion. The 49 year old actor’s representative Jeff Ballard offered an innocent explanation for what happened in a statement to TMZ on Wednesday evening.

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen's dentist chair incident was apparently down to a reaction to nitrous oxide.

Sheen’s actions were down to a reaction with the nitrous oxide that was being administered to treat an abscess. Ballard stated that “Charlie was on meds for a shoulder injury and the combo of the Rx he was on along with the nitrous oxide caused the reaction.” No knife or illegal substances were involved.

Furthermore, Sheen’s lawyer also made a statement denying that the incident contained any malice on his part: "The story is being made up by this woman [the dental technician] who was fired on Friday for violating HIPAA by telling her son Charlie was in the office. It got back to Charlie and the dentist fired her."

Original reports, on the other hand, indicated that the actor had flipped out before the administration of nitrous oxide, had struck a dental technician and pulled a knife on another member of staff. Sheen’s bodyguard had apparently also mentioned that the actor was under the influence of rock cocaine.

Sheen has been cleaning up his act after a number of controversial incidents in previous years that had culminated in being fired from ‘Two and a Half Men’, the long-running sitcom for which he is perhaps most famous.

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Given that the dentist apparently also denies the truthfulness of the fired technician’s story, it appears now that the whole incident will soon be dropped by investigators.