Charlie Sheen has made some pretty serious allegations against his ex-wife Brooke Mueller and specifically her treatment of the former couple's children Bob and Max.

Sheen called into to allege that his twin boys have already suffered physical and emotional damage from their time spent in Brooke's care - saying they're close to getting kicked out of school. On Friday (November 1, 2013), the kids stayed with their mother for the first time since her stint in rehab - during which time they were cared for by Charlie's ex Denise Richards. 

Sheen says the 4-year-old boys are scared stiff of Brooke's house - which is covered in pet lizards, insects and other critters. They're said to be suffering night terrors after spending time at the home.

Charlie says Bob suffered a "bad rash" on his face after spending time with Brooke - a rash that "looked like somebody burned him."

The actor says he's already complained to Los Angeles Child Services but that they refused to help - which seems unlikely. Sheen called the organization "doosh bags" on Twitter, while calling Brooke and "evil and pathetic uber loser" and a "whore."

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"She's as awful a parent and a person as you can possibly draw up," Charlie said of Brooke, whom he married in 2008. The boys were born in March 2008, though six months later, Sheen was arrested at their rented ski resort in Aspen, Colorado, for attacking his wife.

In 2010, Sheen pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault as part of a plea bargain that included dismissal of other charges against him. He was sentenced to drug rehab, probation and - ironically - Anger Management. 

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