Charlie Sheen really doesn't get along with his co-star on the FX sitcom Anger Management - the actress Selma Blair - so much so in fact that the actor has reportedly handed the show's producers an ultimatum; wither she goes or he does. According to TMZ, the actor is determined to see Blair get booted form the show and is so bent on seeing the back of her that he is willing to put his own position on the show in jeopardy.

Sheen is apparently feuding with Blair because he heard that the actress is slating him behind his back, and clearly that is something that Sheen doesn't take kindly to. Charlie reportedly confronted the producers on the show and handed them his request, demanding that the changes start on that day or else. Whilst it is unclear whether his demand have been met yet, Blair was absent from the show's set on Monday (June 17) and it is believed that she isn't there today either, although it is unclear whether she was simply not scheduled to work these days. When asked about the situation this morning, Blair replied sying that she doesn't even know what's happening herself.

According to reports, Charlie acknowledged the complications of writing a character out from a show, but was steadfast with his demands and told the show's bosses that they need to figure out a solution to the problem before he starts to reconsider his commitment to AM. Neither the actor nor FX have commented on the situation in public yet, but it is believed that the network are working with Sheen to see that he gets what he wants and Blair is kicked off the show.

Charlie is set to make between $75 and $200 million by the end of Anger Management, with the series already being green-lit for a 100 episode run. So far the Charlie and the AM crew have completed about half of the 100 episode order, although the fiasco with Blair could slow down the process somewhat if it becomes a drawn out affair. We'll keep you posted on developments as they happen.

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Sheen has had enough of Blair and wants her gone from AM

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Charlie claims that Blair has been talking about him behind his back