FX's 'Sons of Anarchy' premiered its 6th season on Tuesday night (September 10, 2013) to the highest ratings the show has ever received. The special 90 minute episode saw 5.9 million viewers according to Nielsen, tune in to see the motor-cycle gang's controversial opening episode.

The premiere episode included two rape scenes, a death by drowning and an alarmingly terrifying school shooting scene, the motor-cycle gang has clearly expanded their violent capabilities to heights that Sons of Anarchy fans are not used to.

James Poniewozik of Time Entertainment discusses the brutal season opener, "Here, both the rape-porn storyline and the school shooting underscore the idea, repeated in Sons, that once you start crossing moral lines, you can't control the repercussions, even when you tell yourself that there are worse bad guys than you". From this, the viewers can take some comfort as it seems the consequences of their actions will be severe enough to justify the depiction of a school shooting.

The leader of the gang, Jax, comes to a cross road in the upcoming season as he wants to focus on his only legal business venture - porn. Guns and drugs are not the trade Jax wants his gang to focus on in this series but will the easy money be too hard to resist?

Charlie Hunnam plays the porn-king wannabe Jax, which is fitting given he has quickly become the most talked about actor in the world due to him landing the lead role as Christian Grey in the film adaptation of '50 Shades of Grey'. I'm sure his experience portraying a man in the porn industry will help him play Grey -the young, sexual predator.

The ratings saw a 9% rise since last season's final episode, could it be that the 9% were 50 Shades of Grey fans checking out their new lead man?

Catch Sons on Anarchy every Tuesday at 10pm on FX.

charlie hunnam
Charlie Hunnam as gang leader Jax