Returning a little later to the small screen than usual this year for its seventh season, fantasy series 'Game Of Thrones' - based on the 'Song of Ice and Fire' novel series by George R R Martin - will bring seven new episodes to fans as showrunners begin to put the wheels in motion for the series' conclusion.

Charlie Hunnam would love to join the fantasy seriesCharlie Hunnam would love to join the fantasy series

With just a single season to go after seven, which will once again be stripped of an episode and brought down to a running total of six, there's around 13 hours of action from the show left to see. Now that the series has outpaced the novel series, much of the material shown on screen is new information, shocking fans of both the books and the series.

Could actor Charlie Hunnam help in bringing some of those surprises to viewers? He's certainly up for the challenge.

"I would love to do a 'Game of Thrones' cameo," he explained to The Sun, adding: "they offered me a cameo on that show a little while ago but I was shooting something else, so I wasn't able to do it. But maybe in the future, who knows."

The talent didn't open up further about what his prior cameo role would have consisted of, but we imagine thanks to his name and pulling power, once those working on the series hear he's interested in starring they'll be on the phone trying to make it happen. It'll have to be a deal forged quickly however, with just one more set of episodes to be filmed for the final season before the series wraps for good.

Then again, HBO are pondering over four potential spin-off ideas, so maybe Hunnam can take a role in one of those?

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'Game Of Thrones' returns for its seventh season to HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK on July 16 and 17 respectively.