Charlie Day, best known for his role as the manic, sweet but stupid wildcard from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and a dental assistant/Jennifer Aniston's sexual harassment victim in Horrible Bosses, will be making his first major move away from comedy when he stars in the upcoming Guillermo del Toro sci-fi action film Pacific Rim.

Charlie Day
Charlie stars in Pacific Rim

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The actor recently spoke to the Huffington Post about his upcoming performance and the much appreciated chance to move across genres. Day plays the Kaiju-obsessed Dr. Newton Geiszler, one of the scientists responsible for engineering the robots used to fight the alien threat in the movie, and discussed his role in the film and his upcoming projects (such as more IASIP and maybe even another Horrible Bosses). Kaiju, incase you were wondering, is the name of the alien threat that Earth is battling in the long-awaited movie.

"It was a really good experience. I do like big blockbustery movies and certainly it seems like that's the way the industry's going," Charlie said. "if I want to work, maybe I do want to do more."

Mary Elizabeth Ellis
Charlie got The Waitress in real life

Charlie went on to discuss his future plans, stating that season nine of Philly is almost ready and that he will be appearing in the 21 Jump Street sequel and the Lego Movie (which genuinely looks awesome).

The full interview is available on the Huffington Post's website, and even features a part where Charlie eats a baby (not really). The film, that even Kanye West has given a glittering review about, will be out in cinemas this Friday (June 12).

Kanye West
Kanye is a fan of Pacific Rim