Country rocker Charlie Daniels is releasing an album of Bob Dylan covers to pay tribute to the folk icon.

The veteran singer reveals he has always looked up to the Blowin' in the Wind hitmaker and has decided to give his favourite Dylan tunes a country spin on Off The Grid - Doin' It Dylan.

Daniels says, "It was about 50 years ago when I first became aware of Bob Dylan - and no, I was not naive enough to think I could swim in the same stream, try to emulate what he had done, or cop his licks. Nobody could do that...

"Whatever it was Bob Dylan meant by his lyrics, they grabbed the attention of the world and changed the face of music forever. He inspired musicians to knock down the restrictive, bubble gum, three minute a side, Tin Pan Alley world that set the parameters of popular music and turn their creative minds loose in a thousand new directions."

Among the 10 Dylan tracks covered by Daniels on the April (14) release include: Tangled Up In Blue, Country Pie, Gotta Serve Somebody, Times They Are a Changin' and Mr. Tambourine Man.