Charli XCX wants Julia Fox to play the lead in her music video.

The 'Baby' singer was asked by a Twitter follower if she would collaborate with the 'Uncut Gems' star - who has been in the spotlight thanks to her whirlwind six-week fling with Kanye West - and 'Just for Me' hitmaker PinkPantheress.

And it just so happens that the 'Beg For You' hitmaker has been discussing having the 32-year-old actress - who was recently poked fun at for her pronunciation of 'Uncut Gems' in a viral interview - in one of her promos.

Responding to the tweet, Charli wrote: "i actually texted someone about the idea of Julia fox starring as the lead in my next music video. i am obsessed w her. she is legend. (sic)"

The 29-year-old star is set to release her new album, 'CRASH', on Friday (18.03.22) and has been challenging herself when it comes to making music videos.

The 'Boom Clap' hitmaker recently described her upcoming record as "hyper-sexualised" and explained how she wanted to "challenge" herself with the choreography in the promo for the track 'Baby'.

She said: "It's probably the most sexy song I've ever made. It's about sex and sexuality and having good sex and just feeling yourself essentially. I know that that's the tone. I knew that that was the tone I wanted to carry across for the entire record. This kind of hyper-sexualised, feminine power zone was where I was feeling myself going, and 'Baby' was the genesis of this.

"Also I think that's probably why I wanted to challenge myself on the choreo for this song, which was really, really tough and I have so much respect for dancers, professional dancers, anyone who communicates emotion through dance. It is so hard and challenging, but so rewarding."

Charli also recently addressed critics of her latest singles and admitted she considered quitting music as her mental health has declined in recent months, prompting her to take a step back from social media because she was struggling to handle the criticism.

She said: “I’ve been feeling quite low throughout 2022 to be honest. I feel like my mental health has really taken a toll, and for some reason I just couldn’t really handle the negative comments that I was reading, particularly about music and my latest song ‘Beg For You’, which was actually beginning to do quite well commercially.

"I suppose I felt a little bit hurt when I heard that people didn’t really like the song. I think at a time when I was already feeling quite low, that kind of rhetoric honestly just really hurt my feelings.”