Charli XCX feels ''extremely lucky'' to be spending her time in self-isolation with her boyfriend Huck Kwong.

The 'Boom Clap' hitmaker has been living with Huck whilst in lockdown amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and has said she understands she is ''privileged'' to be able to spend time with the people she loves, as some people are being kept separate from their families.

Alongside a photo of herself shot by her beau, Charli wrote on Instagram: ''this pic was taken by my boyfriend in isolation for a shoot we were doing for @lofficielusa.

''For some reason, today in particular I feel extremely lucky and privelaged that I have found myself in a situation where I'm quarantined with him and 2 other people I care about deeply. It's just really hitting me today. I know this situation isn't the same for everyone and I'm so lucky and grateful.

''With this in mind, make sure u stay connected to your friends and family, keep calling, keep sending love, keep spreading positivity and joy, you never know who might need it and it could really help someone out. hope you're all staying safe and happy (sic)''

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old singer has pledged to make an entire album whilst in lockdown, but admitted it has been a bit weird having Huck get involved as it is a ''new experience'' for her.

She explained: ''When it comes to writing songs about someone who's literally sat in the next room, that is a new experience, and it's a little weird. Luckily the songs have all been pretty positive, so it's not like I'm singing anything too brutal, at the moment.''

And Charli also said her relationship with her partner has grown even stronger thanks to their time in self-isolation.

She said: ''I'm definitely focusing on right now. I would say the majority of this album will probably be about me and my boyfriend's relationship, because that's what I'm experiencing.

''But that's actually great because the narrative for us has changed so much because of quarantine. Pre-quarantine, there was a lot of physical but also emotional distance between us. And this quarantine time has really just brought us so close together. And that journey has been really interesting and has been something that probably wouldn't have happened as quickly had this time not happened.''