Charli XCX loves how Pandora encourages their customers to "break the rules".

The 'Break the Rules' hitmaker is known for her unique fashion choices and insisted she loves being part of the jewellery retailer's latest campaign because their PandoraMe collection enables the wearer to embrace "every side" of their personality.

She explained: "The whole vibe of the collection is that you can wear it however you want.

"You [can] kind of break the rules with jewellery and adapt it to every side of your personality."

The 29-year-old pop star insisted she prefers to dress for how she is feeling rather than follow trends.

Charli added to InStyle: "It works for a lot of different styles, but that's kind of the vibe of this collection.

"It's allowing you to express yourself. I've always kind of worn funkier jewellery.

"I just wear what I want and dress for my mood."

The 'Pink Diamond' singer stars alongside Addison Rae, Donte Colley, Beabadoobee, and Cecilia Cantarano in the Pandora campaign.

Meanwhile, Charli previously revealed that Fran Drescher is her style muse.

Fran's character, Fran Fine, in the CBS sitcom 'The Nanny' is her ultimate style icon because she loves the "big hair and loud prints".

She said in 2019: "Fran Drescher in 'The Nanny'. I never really watched it growing up but when I was younger I worked with a stylist who kept telling me I dressed like The Nanny and would gravitate towards the kind of things she wore. I was like 'okay, right, who is this?' and started looking into her and the looks were just endless! I think big hair and bold colours and loud prints always get me really excited, plus the cuts of all the clothes she wore were always just really cute. There were lots of minis and cropped jackets, and co-ords, and her look is very maximalist in a way."