In what could be one of the most exciting pop team-ups of the year, Charli XCX and Bleachers have announced that they intend to hit the road together on a joint tour over the Summer, hitting the US for their 'Charli and Jack Do America' tour.

Charli XCX promoCharli XCX will be on her own tour this year too

The pair will co-headline the dates with support from up and coming LA musicians BORNS, kicking off in July at San Diego's Observatory North Park and coming to an end mid-August in Columbus, Ohio. It might seem like a random partnership, but Charli and Bleachers' frontman Jack Antonoff's friendship and creative relationship has blossomed since their 'In Ride Sessions' collaboration whereby Charli remixed Bleachers' 'Rollercoaster' and Jack did the same with Charli's 'Break the Rules' in a crazy mash-up.

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'I love Charli', says Jack. 'I love what she does with pop music, how she makes it bizarre. The two of us do totally different things but occupy a similar space -- that's what I loved about the idea to tour together. It makes sense in the fact that it doesn't make sense'. Likewise, Charli felt pretty much exactly the same way...

Jack Antonoff from Bleachers promoJack Antonoff enjoys working with pal Charli XCX

'I love Jack. I love what he does with pop music, how he makes every song feel like a movie. This tour is gonna be cool and weird and fabulous and I really can't wait', she admitted.

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Charli XCX released her second major label album 'Sucker' last year and she's currently on a headline tour of her own to support it with dates in Singapore, Australia, North America, Europe and the UK over the next few months. Bleachers also released their debut album 'Strange Desire' in 2014, with singles 'Rollercoaster' and 'I Wanna Get Better' topping the US Alternative Charts.

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Tickets for 'Charli and Jack Do America' will be on sale from April 24th 2015.

Charli XCX and Bleachers tour posterThe tour kicks on in July 2015