The family of Charles Bronson, the star of 'Death Wish', are fighting over his 48 million USD will. The family were summoned to Bronson's lawyer's office to hear the will being read, following the star's death on 30th August, 2003, from pneumonia.

Bronson's third wife, Kim Weeks, was left with the 8 million USD Malibu house, as well as 1.6 million USD in cash, although she expressed disappointment for not also being left his 4.8 million USD Vermont beach house and ranch. Bronson's son, Tony, was highly annoyed by so much being left to his father's widow, as she allegedly banned the family from visiting Bronson on his death bed.

Further infuriation towards the late star was caused by the money being locked away in watertight trust funds. A source stated that "When they all walked out, Kim and the others were not talking to each other. There was a really bad atmosphere. The children got houses and other real estate holdings and millions in cash but they still weren't happy."

The most money went to Bronson's youngest child and daughter, Zuleika, who received twice as much money as other members of the family. The source continued to say "They didn't want Kim to be well rewarded and they think she was. Kim was just as angry because she didn't get as much as she thought she should have done."