Reality TV star Chantelle Houghton and her cage fighter fiance Alex Reid welcomed their baby daughter into the world on Father's Day (17th June).
The baby and mother are said to be 'doing well' according to comments made by Reid on Twitter as he announced the new arrival which was re-Tweeted by Chantelle: "I'm delighted to announce the arrival of my beautiful baby daughter early this morning. Both mother and baby doing well..X". It certainly was a happy Father's Day for Alex who revealed, "I certainly got the most amazing present Iv ever had in my life!" (sic). Any sign of the couple's recent 'almighty row' that sent Chantelle running for her old two bedroomed flat where she allegedly slept on the floor since her furniture was moved into the couple's house appear to be forgotten about. "This really is the most amazing day ever for the 3 of us. Life isn't good,it's great. I love my girls so much. Happy ecstatic fathers day! X' (sic), Reid also wrote on Twitter. Reports also suggest that the child will still take Alex's surname and Chantelle has confirmed herself that "things are a lot better between Alex and me" to New! Magazine, adding, "Any suggestions in the press that I know my relationship with Alex is over are completely untrue".
It is certainly a relief to hear that Chantelle is doing okay following the birth given how nervous she was. She admitted to the Daily Mail that her midwife was worried about her.