Chantelle Houghton says Preston was the love of her life.

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' winner - who split from cage fighter Alex Reid, with whom she has eight-month-old daughter Dolly, last year - divorced the Ordinary Boys singer in November 2007 after just over a year of marriage, and she knows he will ''always be there'' for her if she needs him.

When asked if he was the love of her life, the blonde beauty replied: ''Yeah, definitely.

''He texted me a couple of weeks ago. He's just gone to Miami to write with Enrique Iglesias. I know that I'll always speak to him as a friend and he'll always be there if I need him. I'm glad it's worked out that way.''

While the former couple - who met on reality TV show 'Celebrity Big Brother' in 2006 - are on speaking terms, Chantelle insisted they will never get back together and she hasn't introduced him to her daughter.

She added in an interview with new! magazine: ''I love him, but I'm not in love with him. He'll always be special to me.''

And despite her fertility problems in the past, Chantelle is prepared to have IVF treatment to have another baby.

When asked if she would consider having IVF if she met the right person, she replied: ''Oh, definitely, yeah.

''I'd rather have more children than worry about my body.

''They gave me a couple of years [to have a baby]. Who knows? Dolly might be my only child, but I'm just glad I've got her.''