Chantelle Houghton has dumped her boyfriend after discovering he was two-timing her.

The reality TV star - who has 10-month-old daughter Dolly with ex-fiance Alex Reid - recently reconnected with former flame Neal Fox and though she initially thought the romance was going perfectly, she has now discovered he had a girlfriend all along.

She said: ''I was having trouble getting hold of Neal last week - it was as though he'd fallen off the face of the earth. Then, someone told me that he has had a girlfriend for the whole time I've been seeing him - I was literally shell-shocked!''

However, it seems Chantelle isn't too upset about the end of the romance, as she has already moved on and enjoyed a date with a new man, who she plans to see again.

She added to new! magazine: ''I had a night out to forget about him and a guy, Nick Hogg, started chatting to me. We spent the whole night talking and he asked for my number. He texted me the next day on the Saturday and we arranged to meet the following day and went to a wine bar. We went out for dinner last Thursday - we both got drunk but had a great night! We get on so well and he's so good-looking! He was the perfect gentleman. We've arranged the next date so things are going in the right direction. It's exciting and I haven't felt like this in a long time.''