Chantelle Houghton feels misled by Alex Reid.

The reality TV star ended her relationship with the cage fighter - with who she has four-month-old daughter Dolly - after she found him sending sexual texts to other men and while he claims she knew about his cross-dressing alter ego Roxanne before they got together, the blonde beauty insists she had no idea of who Alex really was.

She said: ''Alex gave an interview to a martial arts website last week and called himself a 'cross-dressing, cage-fighting monkey boy'! And in another interview, he claimed I knew about Roxanne from the beginning and that I embraced the whole thing but it's a load of rubbish. I never knew and she was never part of our life, ever.

''He keeps saying he is who he is but you have to let the person that you're in a relationship with know that's who you are before you have a baby with them.''

Despite her tumultuous few months, Chantelle claims she is now ''at peace'' with her personal situation and isn't even upset that she hasn't heard from Alex in weeks.

She added in her column in new! magazine: ''I haven't seen or heard from Alex for two weeks. He hasn't even texted me to ask how Dolly is. I'm not angry. Dolly's got me and that's all she needs. I feel at peace.''