Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill have returned as Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko, the undercover cops we saw cause havoc and hilarity in 21 Jump Street. Only this time they've graduated high school and are heading to college. Critics loved the first movie, a modernisation of the hit 80s show of the same name, but has 22 Jump Street managed to impress? 

Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum at the New York premiere of 22 Jump Street.

It's A Sequel - But So What?

Sequels are always a gamble for producers. Whilst financially they usually do well, additional films to a franchise often do not gain positive reviews from critics. However, 22 Jump Street has broken this rule. The film's directors and writers have not done anything revolutionary in changing the formula for success with the sequel to 21 Jump Street. This has not hindered the film as critics are praising the sequel for self depreciating mockery. David Edelstein (Vulture) wrote "They get to poke fun at sequels and simultaneously make sequel money."

Moreover, as the critical response to the first film was largely positive, some critics have argued the film makers were right in not changing the basic premise of the film or its dependence on a particular type of humour which Hill revels in. Christy Lemire ( wrote "22 Jump Street is pretty much the exact same movie as 21 Jump Street. It knows it, you know it, and it knows that you know it. And that is why it's brilliant."

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21 Jump Street
Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street.

Bromance Blooms

Hill and Tatum have been hailed as "Hollywood's freshest comedy duo" (Globe And Mail) and have certainly impressed critics with their on screen and off screen antics. In the film, the pair has been highly praised for their performances and comic timing. In fact, many critics have gone so far as to suggest the entire film franchise rests on the strength of Hill and Tatum's performance. Bill Zwecker (Chicago Sun Times) wrote "it's the effortless, unexpected bromance/partnership between the two unlikely undercover cops is what makes this franchise work."

Hill and Tatum's friendship on screen appears to be echoed off screen. The pair recently appeared together on The Graham Norton Show and described their off screen bromance which included Tatum forcibly dressing Hill whilst in Miami, and Tatum stripping off in a water feature in Australia. 

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22 Jump Street is in US and UK cinemas now. 

Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill at the New York premiere.