Channing Tatum may be a successful blockbuster actor now, but he hasn’t forgotten his roots. Not at all. Over the weekend, the Magic Mike 2 actor was in Vegas, taking in the nightlife and attending a variety show of all things – a sexy one at that.

Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum rocked out in Vegas recently and the footage made it online.

Basically, Channing was chilling and enjoying his time off at Ceasar’s Palace, where he attended the racy Absinthe variety show with a group of friends. It wasn’t really supposed to be a trip down memory lane for the exotic dancer turned actor, but... well, you can see where this is going.

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During a lap dance number,   the MC half teased, half challenged CT to show off his skills. The video, shared by TMZ, shows the entire exchange. It took some convincing, but Tatum finally got up on stage and did a bit of bumping and grinding to the (I’m assuming) delight of the surprised Absinthe patron in the chair.

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Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that they’ll make “lap dance by Channing Tatum” a regular feature of the show. But one can always dream. According to TMZ, Channing’s a big fan of the show, which combines cabaret and acrobatics. Though of course, the whole acting thing seems to be working out really well for him.