The Dark Knight Rises star reveals he wasn't convinced when Tatum raised concerns about where he was living, so the Magic Mike hunk decided to prove his point by creeping into Gordon-Levitt's home undetected.

The security breach prompted Gordon-Levitt to step up his security system - and thank his lucky stars it wasn't a real criminal who had found his way into his home.

He recalled the incident during a chat with Tatum for Gotham magazine, saying, "The time you... broke into my house, and surprised me when I was sleeping in order to prove that I should probably take better care to protect myself..., if you were ill-intentioned you could have murdered me!"

The stunt made Gordon-Levitt pay a little more attention to securing his home and it's a lesson that likely came in handy as he prepared for life as a new father.

The actor wed Tasha MCCauley just before Christmas (Dec14) and the couple welcomed its first child, a boy, in August (15).