Channing Tatum did a lot of ''bad things'' when he was a stripper.

The 'Magic Mike XXL' actor had a lot of fun in his previous profession but he wouldn't recommend it as a good career move because of its ''seedy'' side.

He said: ''I am not sure I could recommend it.

''But it was a good time in my life. It was one complete year of down-the-rabbit-hole crazy. I am glad I moved on ... it definitely has some seedy, darker sides.

''I've done some bad, bad things that I can't even possibly talk about during this interview.''

The 35-year-old actor - who has two-year-old daughter Everly with wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum - will be open about his past with his little girl and fully expects her to watch the 'Magic Mike' movies when she is older, but hopes she will understand the films are just ''fun''.

He added to Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I can't stop her from doing it (watching the movie) and I can't change the fact I actually was a stripper.

''Hopefully I will raise a nice beautiful little evolved girl that will get it ... she gets it.

''One, it was a movie and, two, it is supposed to be fun.''