In the latest batch of Sony email leaks we got one very interesting nugget of information. Apparently Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt are planning a Ghostbusters spin-off movie to stand alongside the recently announced Ghostbusters 3, which Paul Feig is working on with an all-female cast.

Channing Tatum 22 Jump StreetChanning Tatum [R] who starred in 22 Jump Street, wants to develop a Ghostbusters spin-off

Tatum and Pratt, the stars of 22 Jump Street and Guardians of the Galaxy respectively, have reportedly planned a "simultaneously super scary and funny" spin-off which would assumedly have a tone similar to that of Tatum's comedy franchise with Jonah Hill.

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In a leaked email from Tatum (published on The Daily Beast), the actor asks chairman Amy Pascal to let him and Pratt begin working on the movie.

"Let us show the world The DarkSide and let us fight it with all the glory and epicness of a HUGE BATMAN BEGINS MOVIE. I know we can make this a huge franchise. Fun adventure craziness. COME OONNNN!!!," he said.

22 Jump StreetJonah Hill [L] and Channing Tatum [R] starred in the huge grossing Jump Street movies for Sony

In another email, co-president of Columbia Pictures Hannah Minghella said she thought Tatum and Pratt's movie could "be developed in partnership so they complement one another with the same Ghostbusters universe."

Oh, and in another email, it is suggested that Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer and Lizzy Kaplan are all keen to star in Ghostbusters 3, set for summer 2016.

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In another hilarious email from Tatum, the actor was obviously pretty happy after it was announced 22 Jump Street had come in second on the list of the best-ever opening weekends for R-rated comedies, displacing Seth MacFarlane's Ted. Speaking in an email to Pascal, the Hollywood star said: "F YOU TED !!!! SECOND OF ALLLL TIMMMMME BEEEOTCH!!!!"