Channing Tatum once broke into Joseph Gordon-Levitt's home.

'The Walk' actor was interviewed by the 'Magic Mike XXL' star - who is one of his best friends - in the new issue of Gotham magazine and revealed that Channing once let himself into his home to prove he needed better security.

Recalling their experiences in New York together, Joseph said: ''You mean the time you climbed up the space of my apartment, broke into my house, and surprised me when I was sleeping in order to prove that I should probably take better care to protect myself because if you were ill intentioned you could have murdered me?''

Joseph, 34, also opened up about his love of New York City, revealing he loves to walk around the Big Apple and people watch.

He explained: ''My favourite thing to do in New York is walk. More than [going to] any particular theatre, restaurant, bar, hotel, or any famous anything, the best thing to do in New York City is just walk out your door and go, and check out all the people. Because you will see clowns in New York City, whether it's the aggressive businessman or the drunk on the street who talks to himself; if you stop and listen, you might hear something beautiful or you might hear utter nonsense.''