Matthew McConaughey wants Channing Tatum to call him to discuss returning to 'Magic Mike's Last Dance'.

The latter is set to reprise his role as Mike Lane in the third and final instalment of the comedy-drama franchise that focuses on the world of male stripping with Steven Soderbergh at the helm.

And Matthew, 52, has expressed his interest in returning as Dallas, Mike's boss in the first film - who didn't return for the 2015 sequel 'Magic Mike XXL' - but he'd want to check out the script first.

Speaking to Variety, Matthew said: “Channing Tatum, call me, bro! I haven’t heard from ya!”

He added: “I’d have to read [the script] first. It was a helluva lot of fun doing the first one.”

Channing has promised to hold nothing back in the upcoming HBO Max flick.

He said: "I want it to be the Super Bowl of stripping.

"I want dancing like we've never been able to do in the other two movies, because we had to be honest to what the reality of that world is, which isn't great dancing."

The Hollywood star explained that his final dance sequence with Stephen 'tWitch' Boss in 'Magic Mike XXL' is a hint at what's to come in the next movie.

Channing - who actually worked as a stripper before finding success as an actor - told People: "There was never anything in the real world that I actually stripped in that was even nearly as good as that [last dance].

"We're already breaking the rules of that, the reality of that world. I want to have professional dancers [from all over], Russian ballet dancers, I want to go for it and create a completely new genre of this form."

Despite this, Channing is determined to have a well-written female lead in the new film.

He explained: "I want to have an equal, if not even more centralised female character for Mike to really play off of and almost to.

"I don't want to say, [to have her] take the baton, but really let the movie be about a female's experience and not Mike's experience, because it has been so much about Mike and the guys' experiences. These movies are very, very female-forward. At least that is our intention."