With The Killing, Borgen and The Bridge, British television’s been looking and sounding a little Scandinavian as of late, this seems unlikely to change as our new TV obsession could be Mammon. This Nordic six part drama could be the next big Scandinavian export that we just can't do without.

MammonCan 'Mammon' Match The Killing?

Mammon follows journalist Peter Veras who's trying to investigate a high up financial scandal, that might just end up being very close to home. Its all done in classic Norwegian noir style, which means it’s dark and very, very complicated. Also before you try to look it up, ‘mammon’ means greed, particularly with money, but its not a Norwegian word, it actually comes from the New Testmanet, so there. The worlds of journalism, finance and politics will all be delved into as a typically tricky plot is woven over the course of six episodes. If you enjoyed the crime drama of its Scandinavian predecessors this one just be right up your street, if you didn't you might just be even more baffled at the Scandi TV invasion. It is worth bearing in mind though, this one is Norwegian and they haven’t had much luck on the original drama front before. Mammon might just change their fortunes though, as the word is that it's already been recommissioned for a second season, meaning expectations are high, especially abroad.

It’s worth noting, for those of you who didn’t see its debut, don’t look for it on the BBC4 listings, this one is being brought to us by More4, who are jumping on the Scandi-bandwagon it seems. The first episode, which was shown on Friday night, didn't exactly start social media buzzing the way the previous shows had. The Guardian’s Stuart Jeffries found it all a bit of an entanglement, but did state he’d be coming back again after the the first episode’s cliffhanger. He described it as an ‘intriguing premiere that gave us tantalising intimations of a bigger conspiracy’, which makes it sound, well intriguing.

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Mammon’s’ problem might lie in its expectations, since its being tied into this ‘Scandinavian’ genre, whose previous outing have had us all so captivated. The first episode was a set up for potentially greater things to come, so a verdict on the show has to be far from being reached yet. Still viewers would be wise to keep on board for this one’s second episode at least. As the intrinsic plot points should surely lead to a lot more action. Is it the new The Killing, Borgen or The Bridge? It wouldn’t be wise to say just yet, but its about time that the Norwegian’s had their go at giving us a little drama, even if it potentially might just make our minds boggle.

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