'Gogglebox,' the surprise Channel 4 fly-on-the-wall show capturing members of the public as they watch the week's television, is returning for a new series on Friday nights at 9pm. The first episode is expected to see the Goggleboxers reaction to the Oscars, The Voice, The Taste and Saturday Night Takeaway.

Steph Dom GoggleboxSteph [L] and Dom [R] in 'Gogglebox'

"We make each episode from scratch every week, never knowing what we are going to get," Channel 4's head of specialist factual David Glover said. "I love the fact that it's so funny, and I love that the show feels warm, but maybe most of all I love the fact it feels like a little bit of truth.

"Our viewers can say whatever they want, cutting through PR, cutting through the bulls**t. They are even allowed to slag off my other shows - which they invariably do."

The good news is that fan favourites Leon and June and Sandra and Sandy will be back, as well as the hilariously posh Steph and Dom who have presumably restocked their bar. The new additions include Kingston University students Josh and Joe and the Birmingham-based Carr family, Verona, Nate and Grandma Ann.

The new 12-part series of 'Gogglebox' will kick off on Channel 4 on March 7, 2014.