'First Dates' made its debut Stateside earlier this week, when the Ellen DeGeneres executive-produced American version of the show brought some of the most awkward and heartwarming dates to viewers. In the UK however, we've enjoyed seven regular series' (and one celebrity!) of the show. But what have been some of the best moments? Here are our Top 10...

Ellen DeGeneres serves as executive producer on 'First Dates US'Ellen DeGeneres serves as executive producer on 'First Dates US'

1) When sensitive Arnie found his date Miki both 'scary' and 'mean'

2) "You look like a black Phil Mitchell" didn't impress Simon on his date with Anna

3) When Frankie forgot the name of his date. It's Laura, by the way!

4) When Keegan Hirst's date wouldn't shut up...

5) When Scarlett Moffatt Mistook Nelson Mandela For 'The Rice Man' Uncle Ben

6) When one matched pair realise they first met on Tinder

7) When Ordinary Boys' singer Preston struggled to make conversation

8) When Mancunian Dean revealed his history of cheating on ex-partners

9) When Isabel wanted to get to know Jayden a little more personally

10) And when Liam failed to impress Anna with his burnt willy story

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'First Dates' is expected to return to the UK on Channel 4 later this year.