The Channel 4 journalist Cathy Newman says she is taking a break from Twitter after apologizing for causing "a great deal of offense" after seemingly erroneously claiming she was ushered out of a south London mosque. 

Cathy NewmanCathy Newman has apologized for causing "a great deal of offense"

Newman sparked controversy after tweeting that she was "ushered out of" the South London Islamic Centre in Streatham after trying to visit during Visit My Mosque day. However, CCTV footage obtained by the Huffington Post appeared to confirm that Newman left of her will.

The clip shows Newman speaking to someone inside the mosque before looking confused and leaving. 

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The journalist was sent a string of abusive messages on Twitter and said she had sent a letter to the mosque. 

In a statement, Newman said she had visited the wrong mosque "in error" and had received a "wonderful warm welcome" at another mosque, the Hyderi Centre. 

Channel 4 News editor Ben de Pear visited the mosque in Streatham on Wednesday to deliver two letters: one from Newman and one from himself in which he offered an "unreserved apology for the considerable distress caused by recent events."

"I have spoken to her at length and expressed my disappointment at her actions," said de Pear.

"Her language was poorly chosen and caused your mosque untold and undeserved hurt. This was never her intention and we deeply regret that it had happened," de Pear told Wasim Niaz, secretary of the South London Islamic Centre.

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Newman said her intention was to film a "positive news story about Visit My Mosque day - an initiative to be commended, particularly in these difficult times".