Dolce & Gabbana always wanted to be as "iconic" as CHANEL.

The design duo recently closed their D&G line but insist they are not sad at its demise because they are able to use the logo, and being recognisable is very important to them.

Stefano Gabbana explained: "We are happy because we use the logo. We talk about this very little because we are a private company, but I will tell you. 26 years ago, when we started out, our dream was to become like Chanel. Not in style, but as iconic.

"D&G will still exist, but as the logo of Dolce & Gabbana; like the LV of Louis Vuitton, or the double Cs of Chanel.

"When we die, we want to leave something very recognisable. If you want to make something for the rest of your life, you need to make one, not two."

The designers believe they are the last "big" company to forge an existence and think a new major fashion label is needed.

Stefano added to The Times newspaper: "I think it is time to change. If you think we are the last fashion designers - we came out 26 years ago. No one big like us. There is a lot I know but a big success? We were the last one. We need somebody new."