Review of Vamala Album by Champs

Currently touring in mainland Europe before a run of UK shows, Champs are siblings Michael and David Champion who hail from the Isle of White. Produced by Placebo and Goldfrapp cohort Dimitri Tikovoi, it is the successor to last year's debut release, 'Down Like Gold'.

Champs Vamala Album

Opening with haunting vocals and a similar piano backing, 'Desire' is certainly an accurate representation of a record that is anything but commercial pop.  The melodies here and throughout the album are enchanting though, with 'Running' moving along in a pleasant manner.  'Forever Be Upstanding At The Door' is based on a quaint acoustic guitar piece, while the mid-tempo '3000 Miles' is engrossing from the first listen.  The title track is also worthy of note, whilst 'Blood' shimmers beautifully both in the chiming guitars and shining vocal performance.  It is unlikely that 'Vamala' will receive wide exposure and mainstream success, but anyone who takes the time to investigate the release will find a collection of mature and organic pop songs that are well crafted and enticing.  


Alex Lai

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