Teetotal Chaka Khan avoids temptation on tour by banning booze backstage and ordering her assistants to remove all the alcohol from her hotel room mini-bar.

The veteran singer spent years battling drug addiction and a drink problem, but she kicked her bad habits for good in 2005 and adopted a healthy, sober lifestyle.

It has now emerged the I'm Every Woman hitmaker goes to massive efforts to avoid coming into contact with alcohol - she bans booze from the backstage area of her shows and makes sure her hotel room refrigerator only contains soft drinks.

Khan's backstage rider, obtained by TheSmokingGun.com, includes an order to "remove all alcoholic drinks from the mini-bar" and booze is also banned from her dressing room.

The document also reveals a number of bizarre demands which she makes for every gig. Khan insists all of the bedding and towels in her hotel suite must be "brand new" and she won't accept a dressing room if she has to climb a flight of stairs to get to the stage.

The document reads, "The dressing room must be located in close proximity to the stage (preferably on the same floor), but by no means will she be required to go up or down stairs to or from the dressing room and the stage. If the dressing room is located on a different floor... there must be an elevator in close proximity".

She also sets out exactly where she wants to sit on the plane while travelling to venues - a window seat in the last row of the first class section - and insists on specific scented candles and bunches of wild flowers being placed in her hotel room.

Khan also demands six boiled eggs and a fruit plate for her room, but the egg shells must be brown in colour and the grapes on the fruit plate must be "dark purple".