The trailer for Brian Helgelald’s 42 was released this Thursday, and while the film isn’t getting a lot of hype yet, it looks... cool.

It looks like classic award bait, to be honest. The story of Jackie Robinson, the first black player in Major League Baseball, hits at a trifecta of notorious award winning genres of film – the inspirational sports flick, the historical drama and let’s not forget the exploration into race relations. Add to that a killer cast, featuring Hollywood hopeful Chadwick Boseman in the leading role, as well as Alan Tudyk, Christopher Meloni and Harrison Ford (seriously). Expectations for this one are high and rightly so.

Naturally, the story of Robinson is one of struggles and overcoming adversity, as critics so often like to describe things. As you may imagine, in a time and place overripe with stereotypes and judgement, Jackie Robinson wasn’t exactly welcome, but he did pave the way for others after him. So, historically accurate or not, the film will certainly cash in on the drama of the story. It may be a bit too early to start the buzz around 42, however, since the flick actually won’t be coming out until April this year. Anyway, when it does come out, this will probably be one to look out for.

Watch the trailer for '42' below.