Review of We are... Album by Cha-Cha

Nobodies tipped them to be the next big thing, there has been little to no hype towards them at all, but going under the radar may just do Cha-Cha the power of good. No false expectations or unfair comparisons to live up to gives this London three piece a perfect understated platform of which to go about their business. However, when a band does find itself in this predicament, they have to have something up their sleeves in order to make people listen when they do get their break, and Debut album We are. goes about doing that in the perfect way. What they've produced here is an album of uplifting melodic pop songs with hints of ska and disco, furiously intent on crossing over to a mainstream audience.

Cha-Cha We are... Album

There's something a bit Luke Pritchard in the form of vocalist Alex' voice, this comes across prominently on Sit you down, a brilliant riff driven track that borrows as much from LCD Soundsystem as it does from the Kooks.

The Ska influences really come into play on the Fellowship, opening with the trademark choppy riffs of the genre, it soon turns into the brightest feel good track on the album. The blend of Ska, electro and indie really blend well throughout We are. and prevent the album from being a genre overkill. The Ska doesn't get a chance to get grating because its quickly tempered by the dour electro beats that follow it. They even use acoustic number Bring You Down, to.. well, bring you down! It can be an uplifting record quite often, but it certainly makes you wait for those moments, creating anticipation throughout.)

Despite the dodgy name, Cha-Cha are a band that deserves solid recognition for this debut album, it's packed full of potential singles, practically every track here could be released, and presents itself as an album well and truly moulded for the summer.

Sam Marland

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