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Junior the Pit Bull pet dog of Cesar Millan - Junior the Pit Bull pet dog of Cesar Millan Not A Bully is a campaign launched by New York based photographer Douglas Sonders with the aim of altering preconceived public perception on the much maligned Pit Bull Terrier dog and other so-called 'Bully Breeds'. Starting off as a photo collection, but currently expanding to short videos and articles about inspiring Pitbulls that have faced the odds and continue to make positive impacts on their communities.The heart-warming campaign raises issue with the 'bully breeds' stereotype given to 14 popular dog breeds such as: Boxers, Rottweilers, Staffordshire,Boston and Bull Terriers, Bull Mastiffs and PIt Bulls. Shelters are crowded with homeless dogs from these breeds and Not a Bully hopes to change that for the better and do its bit to encourage rescue from potential adopters. Since he has started the campaign, Thirty two year old Sonders has received the support of TV canine expert 'Dog Whisperer' Ceser Milan - whilst reciprocating by assisting the Cesar Millan foundation for abandoned and abused dogs. A recent TV special on National Geographic Wild entitled Love MY Pit Bull featured the duo alongside their pets - Milian with his Pit Bull Junior and Sonders with his Pit Bull mix Emma. It was Emma, who Sonders adopted two years ago, that inspired Not A Bully. Sonders says: "'No-one wanted her because she was a pit-mix with black fur. Emma was rescued from a high-kill shelter and was in foster care for 9 months. She is naturally gentle, great with kids and other dogs, and an excellent running partner. . . .Aside from her love to sneak onto my bed when I'm away, she's perfectly behaved!" "The goal of Not A Bully is to serve as a positive PR campaign to share that despite what some bad humans have done to these dogs, they are inherently sweet and very trainable. A perfect example is the fact that most of Michael Vick's former fighting dogs were placed in the homes of families after some rehab and positive training. Hu - Monday 16th September 2013 (1 Picture)

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