Review of Turtle Single by Certificate 18

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5. Pilote vs Bonobo Turtle (12" - Certificate 18)
The name of this single may not be familiar but very soon, ninety percent of the population will be more than au fait with its gliding whistle and ambient keyboards.
But Why? Because the power of television yet again comes in to play. One2one have decided that this is the track they want to help sell their phones, courtesy of a suggestion by XFMs James Hyman.
The Bonobo version is the one destined for unprecedented amounts of airplay, and already guaranteed a slot on Ministry of Sounds Chill Out 3 its orchestral sweeps and emotional framework mean this is a track that, once heard, is never forgotten.
The original version, by Pilote, is no less memorable but slightly more abstract and beats based.
Catchy, quirky and ever so twee look out TOTP, here they come.