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Hi, I have a 16yo blind pet Magpie (named 'Stevie' after Stevie Wonder) and she has her own radio to listen to. Whenever Celine Dion is played she sings at the top of her voice. Obviously she has chosen Ms Dion's music as her favourite for a reason...it is so good!

Posted 13 years 2 months ago by Aucklandecofarm

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Hi everyone,I just found this very cool charity auction in eBay. Thought very cool to share with. Please go to eBay and type Celine Dion autographed 2009 “Taking Chances" Program!

Posted 14 years 8 months ago by mikle1111

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Well am A guy from Jamaica and I dont think there is a bigger fan of Celine Dion than me.Celine Dion is the only person i would like to meet as an international figure. She is a major inspiration in my life. Her songs give me comfort, inspiration and hope in a very troubled world that we live in. She is like a friend I have never met. Her songs give me answers to my problems when I have no 1 to turn to and I just want to shout to the world that am privileged to share this planet with such a unique person.I try to learnt all her songs in the many different languages she sings in and am very sure i will see her 1 day before I die.I just want Celine Dion to know that she is doing a lot for many other and God's many blessings will continue to flow n her. Love you Celine Dion. Writing this page am listening to her album " On Ne change Pas"

Posted 16 years 10 months ago by Givenchy

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i am huggest fan of celine dion and i am from india. i love her because first afall she is not proudy. she is cute. u people in amarica r so lucky to live there u can c celine in real life, hug her, talk to her. and do all that which i cant do. mh my dream is to meet her one day adn oprah too. i love u celine. all i can say is god bless u. u r a great daughter, singer, wife and last but not the least a great mother. love u zaid

Posted 17 years 5 months ago by zaid ali

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I've just seen Celine's Vegas show for the 5th time and what a fantastic performer she is,she communicates with the audience so well and although the show is almost in its 4th year its still so fresh and vibrant.What a great singer and person she is.

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by jonesy

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Its really amazing, all the success celine has gained.First of all, it took celine only 10 years to become the best selling female singer ever and now,she's well on her was to become the best selling singer of all time..with album sales toppin 170 million worldwile,celine is truely the greatest singer there is,and if your a celine fan or not you have to respect those figures.Celine is the only artist to survive the rock and r&b phase,all others have quietly eased out of the public eye or attempted to create music and flooped.Celine's most recent success is her shows in Las Vegas,,she has been receiving sold out shows night after night and she is now seen as a valuable tool to Vegas,but all this mega success hasn't affected Celine,she remains very humble and upkeeps a wonderful genuine personality.A couple of celine's albums topped charts worldwide making it to #1 in all the countries,that's an achievement that most singers cannot aquire,but celine accomplished that several times.Celine has had #1 songs in france ,uk,canada,usa,germany,japan and several other places,celine even made it all the way to #1 on the latin charts,making her the first and only english artist to do that.Celine also won over 200 awards which is proof of her talent.These awards include grammys,felix,golden globes,oscars,junos,world music awards.etc Celine has proven that she is an unstoppable force,and she ain't going anywhere

Posted 18 years 1 month ago by MiKeY!

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