The Voice might just be taking cues from American Idol and is changing its lineup. Yesterday judge Cee Lo Green, of Gnarls Barkley fame, announced that he would be departing the NBC competition. For anyone, who’s still enjoying the judge/music producer’s presence, fret not, it sounds like we’re going to be seeing more of him this year. At least that’s what Green told Ellen Degeneres in an interview on Wednesday.

Cee Lo Green, Grammy Party
Green making music again could only be a good thing.

"I’m going to continue my relationship with NBC. I have a television show development deal with them as well and hopefully some other talk show opportunities for later in the year," Green told Ellen. "But yeah, I’m going to miss The Voice, too."

Green didn’t mention anything else about the tentative plans for a new show or the concept. As for his more immediate musical projects, Green is about to go on tour with Lionel Richie, who joined him during the Ellen appearance. The two musicians will spend the following months on the All The Hits All Night Long tour. The Australian leg of the tour will kick off on March 2. Cee Lo also mentioned that he’d like to get back into the studio soon. His last album release – a Platimun Edition of his solo album Lady Killer – was released back in 2011.

Watch Green's announcement on Ellen.

In a message on his website, Green poetically declares: “Meanwhile, NBC and I plan to continue our relationship with several new co-ventures including a new music show, while we also explore our ideas for me to create and host a new show of my own. I will not go quietly into the night... expect more great music and entertainment done in my own unique unmistakable and undeniable way. The Voice has given me all the altitude and incentive to do just that. Thanks for the memories and make way for many more!”

Lionel Richie
Green is about to embark on the AtHANL tour with Richie in March.