Jamar Voice, the 29-year-old contestant on the second season of The Voice, battled drug addiction and homelessness before making it to the Hollywood auditions of the hit singing show. The Bronx singer said, "I really do believe I'm the comeback kid", before taking to the stage and impressing judge Cee-Lo Green this week, reports Popcrush.

After his moving and unique performance of the White Stripes hit 'Seven Nation Army', Rodgers was praised by Green, who said, "You got style, you got charisma, and you definitely go the voice". The other three judges, including Christina Aguilera, admitted that they too were impressed by Jamar's voice, but the heavily tattooed singer was a perfect fit for Team Cee-Lo. None of the mentors were aware of the singer's checkered past at the time of the audition, but Rogers insisted his crystal meth habit was long behind him. 'The Voice' host Carson Daly had personally delivered an invitation to the auditions while Rogers was busy volunteering, and the singer broke down in tears at hearing the good news. Later, viewers met his mother, whom he described as his biggest inspiration. She said, "I am at a loss for words, because this is something we dreamed of since he was six".

After the successful audition, Cee-Lo spoke of the "connection" he felt with Rogers, who was his first new team member of the night and his second overall. .