Goodie Mob’s youngest and most successful breakout star has spoken about his group’s new album, Age Against The Machine – the first offering from the group for 14 years. He was keen to rejuvenate the team “before the world writes us off," according to USA Today.

Ceelo GreenCeeLo Green is confident his new album with Goodie Mob is excellent

"I did realize at some point that we had been poised for a purpose," he says. But despite the years apart "there's a seamlessness that is second nature and second skin. We've known each other all our lives. I still feel like we are one unit. I can speak my deepest darkest truth because I have company in that mystery and camaraderie in that conflict,” he adds.

Goodie Mob have pedigree; not only did they come up with 1994’s Soul Food –the seminal 90s record that was critically acclaimed - they emerged from Atlanta's Southern rap collective Dungeon Family, he same place Outkast came from. "I know it's exceptional," Ceelo says of the album he arranged and produced. "Quality is imperative. Quartets are almost non-existent in hip-hop. Our collective understanding was to consolidate who we are and invest that energy back into us. We are earth, wind, fire and water."

Ceelo GreenCeelo Green and his Goodie Mob... mob

So far, the album has been attracting the kind of buzz that made Soul Food such a famous album. The New York Daily News, for instance, gave the record 4/5 stars, saying the “Atlanta-based foursome is back with another dose of zany, smart hip hop.”