CeeLo Green wants to shed ''30 to 40 pounds'' while in quarantine.

The 44-year-old singer is currently staying at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, and has said he wants to use his free time to watch what he eats and stick to an exercise regime, so he can come out of quarantine several pounds ''lighter'' than when lockdown began.

He said: ''I definitely try to be mindful of what I eat, especially with the support of my fiancée, Shani. In a perfect world, when I come out of quarantine, I would like to come out 30 to 40 pounds lighter.''

The 'Forget You' hitmaker is quarantining at his ranch in Georgia, and so he's able to go for walks on his 10 acres of land without any risk of catching coronavirus from strangers.

He added to Page Six: ''Fortunately for us ... we live on a [Georgia] ranch that is about 10 acres. So we can go out and walk a mile and still be in the confines of the house. The first thing I wanted to do when I got money was to get a ranch.''

CeeLo previously spoke about his battle with his weight in 2016, when he admitted getting older had been the ''reality check'' he needed to start his weight loss journey.

He said at the time: ''I'm in a healthy relationship and she has me more conscious of it. I'm getting older and you get that reality check. We have to sustain ourselves to be around for each other. I have people who depend on me.

''So I've been getting more home cooking, eating better and eating at decent times. A lot of times people associate overweight with overeating, but I don't eat enough sometimes. I might be in the studio for 12 hours and not eat or eat at midnight, you know what I'm saying? TV does add on a few pounds. When people meet me in person, they see that I'm a lot more solid.''