Cee Lo Green may have had a successful project as one half of Gnarls Barkley with Danger Mouse, and a hit solo song 'Forget You' that hasn't been forgotten, but he was keen to revive the Atlantan hip-hop act that gave him his solid foundation in the music biz.

Ceelo Green
The Group Are Trialling Some New Outfits Too.

Goodie Mob, formed in 1991 in Atlanta, still consists of the same four members - Cee Lo, Khujo, T-Mo and Big Gibb - who are now back with a reinvigorated sound and a new record, Age Against The Machine. The new album is out today (27th Aug) and the group are expected to tour their new music throughout early Fall to really get the mob machine moving again.

Goodie Mob
Goodie Mob Are Back With A New Album.

The Mob formed from Atlanta's southern rap collective, Dungeon Family, which was also responsible for the formation of hip-hoppers Outkast. Goodie Mob released their debut album in 1995 with Soul Food and enjoyed wide acclaim as a collective for some time. Cee Lo's last contribution before the Age Against The Machine work was on 1999's World Party before the other three members would release One Monkey Don't Stop No Show in 2004 whilst Green focussed on his own projects.

Cee Lo, who has enjoyed considerable success as an artist in his own right, has said that Goodie Mob were never disbanded, it just took them 14 years to brew some new music. "Amazing is a process," the mob's youngest member, at 39, said unabashedly. "A quest for quality is my mission in life. I'm literally moved by it," he added, as reported by USA Today.

Listen To Goodie Mob's 'Cell Therapy' From 1995's Soul Food:

Although Big Gipp has appeared on several other Dungeon Family members' albums and T-Mo and Khujo have formed a break-off rap duo of their own, The Lumberjacks, Cee Lo is the only member of the group to have experienced break out success, having also worked as a judge on The X Factor USA.

The 'Crazy' singer has told of how he felt the need to reactivate the mob "before the world writes us off," explaining that he switched his focus back to his southern rap roots after 2010's The Lady Killer was recorded. "I did realize at some point that we had been poised for a purpose," he says. Within the group "there's a seamlessness that is second nature and second skin. We've known each other all our lives. I still feel like we are one unit. I can speak my deepest darkest truth because I have company in that mystery and camaraderie in that conflict."

Goodie Mob
Age Against The Machine
Is Out Now.

The singer also spoke of the strength that is channelled through his group's unique appeal: "Quartets are almost non-existent in hip-hop. Our collective understanding was to consolidate who we are and invest that energy back into us. We are earth, wind, fire and water." Early reviews are giving ...Machine the nod and have noted that the new work harks back to their Soul Food roots, rather than their more millennial music.

With age and wisdom on his side now, 22 years after he and his rap comrades formed Goodie Mob, Green has bigger plans than ever, aiming for a musical transcendence. "I don't want to do black music or hip-hop," he says. "We have to be bigger than black. I want to do great music. That's our mission statement. We'd like to acquire the color of transparency. This should be a prolonged color of clarity. That's what I want for myself and for people."