Cee-Lo Green was cleared by the Los Angeles County District Attorney of charges that he had sexually assaulted a woman after allegedly slipping a drug into her drink. The singer and The Voice judge hasn't got off completely scott free however, as he will still face charges of possession of ecstasy, TMZ reported on Monday, 21 October.

Cee-Lo Green
Cee-Lo will face only minor repercussions for his drug charge

Sources speaking to the gossip site confirmed that Cee-Lo was cleared of the assault charge in a L.A. court on Monday morning. The Voice judge was accused of spiking her drink with ecstasy whilst they ate at a sushi restaurant in L.A. last year, when she claims she woke up naked in his bed with no knowledge of what had happened before hand. After deeming her claims to be unreliable and inconsistent, her criminal case against the singer was dropped, with the D.A. finding particular inconsistencies in the woman's remarks over how long she had known Cee-Lo. The main problem with the story was that the woman claimed to have been relatively unfamiliar with the singer when the alleged incident took place, however it was later discovered that the pair had been dating for some months prior to the alleged events and had already been intimate.

When the allegations were first brought against Cee Lo, he not only denied the charges vehemently, but also actively encouraged law enforcement agents to launch a full investigation so that his name could not be sullied. The case was thrown out on Monday due to lack of evidence.

The singer actively encourage police involvement in the case, knowing of his own innocence

Cee-Lo will face one charge of furnishing ecstasy, which usually involves the defendant doing probationary work as a first-time offender, and he is due to be arraigned in court some time this week. The main source of evidence presented to the police against Green was a recording of a conversation between Cee-Lo and the woman in which he supposedly admits to the incident, however police determined that the singer makes no reference of slipping anything in the woman's drink. Police did use the recording as evidence to convict the singer of drug use.

Cee-Lo Dodgers
The Voice judge will hear his charges for drug possession soon