Cee Lo Green may have one too many recordings, as one recording of his soulful voice may land him in more hot water than he could bear to think about.

The Gnarls Barkley man and judge on The Voice, is facing charges of sexual battery and, according to TMZ, the woman that is accusing him secretly recorded a conversation between the two in which he references a drug (MDMA) and can be heard apologising to the woman.

The woman in question, whose identity has been kept secret, apparently told police that Cee Lo took her to a restaurant in downtown L.A. some time this July. After that, the woman says the the two shared drinks and then she remembers nothing after that and the next thing she knew she was lying naked in a bed in a hotel room with Cee Lo.

Green's PR have wholeheartedly denied that the singer was involved in any such incident and say that should such a tape exist then Cee Lo would already be under arrest. Reports have also come from Cee Lo's camp that the woman demanded money from the singer first before going to the police. So far, no arrest has been made however detectives have visited the restaurant in question to quiz staff.