Review of Catskills Catskills 1st XI Album by Catskills Records

Album review of Catskills 1st XI compilation.

Catskills Records Catskills Catskills 1st XI Album

The Catskills crew are a cool collective from London/Brighton who's captured some very upfront and progressive artists and created a cutting edge label. There's always good artists and tracks coming from this stable so 'Catskills 1st XI, it's a celebrations b**ch*s' is a compilation album showcasing their talent that is all good. It showcases a variety of sounds from the trippy down low to more in ya face ska inspired guitar. There would have to be Pepe Deluxe 'Before You Leave' on the album as it was a smash hit and Bushy & Professor 'Drop' is also a classic. There's come great bass lines and whole plethora of unique influences all synergised in the progression of trip hop and roots music makes for a great listen but there are serene moments too and nice melodies to get reflective.

I was surprised to hear the guitar elements but it goes to show how expansive this label is. If it's good, edgy and with youthful attitude it can feature on this compilation which is class. A great reflection of contemporary music and a great year for this much needed label.

Tareck Ghoneim

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