Review of This Town Needs Guns, Split LP Album by Cats and Cats and Cats

Cats and Cats and Cats/This Town Needs Guns
Split LP
Album Review

Cats and Cats and Cats This Town Needs Guns, Split LP Album

Though the similarities shared between both British bands on this split LP make for a fitting CD collaboration, I'm pretty sure (and glad to say) that they should have no trouble holding their own in the not too distant future.

Cats And Cats And Cats craft hugely complex arrangements which consist of intricate guitar work, occasional string/brass accompaniment and inventive vocals. You might find hints of Bright Eyes, Cursive and Animal Collective here, but by today's standards this shit is hot & pretty damn original.

This Town Needs Guns continue in a similar vein (without reaching the heights of their predecessors), touching on more complex guitar work & multifaceted drumming to come out sounding like an experimental version of Death Cab For Cutie.

With doubts cast over the standard of British music this year, I have to say this split LP is a real breath of fresh air. And whilst both bands make a lasting impression, it's Cats And Cats And Cats who take the prize money. Excellent.

Colin Burrill

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