Catherine Zeta-Jones will ''raise her mask'' and let her husband Michael Douglas ''passionately kiss her'' on their 20th anniversary.

The 'Mask of Zorro' star is excited to be celebrating her and Michael's milestone achievement and whilst she would have loved to get her friends together to mark the big day, she is content in it just being them.

Speaking about their anniversary, she said: ''We won't be doing any great big party. Not that I'm a big party fan anyway. It would be nice to get all our friends together in one space, but we're not doing that until we're completely out of the woods. I plan to raise my mask and let my husband passionately kiss me [and then] put it firmly back on.''

Catherine also opened up about quarantining with her family.

She added to People magazine: ''All of a sudden we were all back together again. And I have to say, I loved it. I really loved it. Supposedly ... we've been much better than a lot of his friends' families. He said, 'Mom, you have no idea. James is not talking to his dad, he's not talking to his mom.' And I said, 'Well, we're doing pretty well.'''

Meanwhile, Catherine previously admitted it has been ''lovely'' having her two children back home during the coronavirus lockdown.

The 50-year-old actress said: ''It was lovely ... first of all, I'm a bit of a homebody anyway. I love my four walls. There's things I can do for hours in my house and I'm very complacent, very happy. But Michael and I were kind of early empty-nesters, because our son Dylan is off at college and our daughter, Carys, goes to school in Europe. So all of a sudden they descended on back into our home and it was just wonderful. It was just breakfast, lunch and dinner all together.''