Catherine Zeta-Jones says it's been ''lovely'' having her two children back home during the coronavirus lockdown.

The 50-year-old actress has been spending time at home with her husband Michael Douglas and their two children - 19-year-old Dylan and 17-year-old Carys - during the global health crisis, and says it's been ''wonderful'' to have the family together for a while.

She said: ''It was lovely ... first of all, I'm a bit of a homebody anyway. I love my four walls. There's things I can do for hours in my house and I'm very complacent, very happy.

''But Michael and I were kind of early empty-nesters, because our son Dylan is off at college and our daughter, Carys, goes to school in Europe. So all of a sudden they descended on back into our home and it was just wonderful. It was just breakfast, lunch and dinner all together.''

And the 'Chicago' star says her family seems to be handling life in lockdown far better than others, according to her son.

She added: ''Supposedly ... we've been much better than a lot of [Dylan's] friends' families. He said, 'Mom, you have no idea. James is not talking to his dad, he's not talking to his mum.' And I said, 'Well, we're doing pretty well.' ''

Catherine says the only downside to lockdown is not being able to see her own mother, because she still lives in Catherine's hometown in Wales.

Speaking during an appearance on the 'Today' show, she said: ''The one bad thing about it is that my mum lives in Britain, so I have yet to see her because I've been quarantining out of the state so that I could pick up my daughter. Now I'm looking forward to seeing my mum. But we've been very well and I thank God that we've been healthy throughout.''